Since 2009, the Jerusalem-based Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Institute has trained 800 educators in Kenya, from school headmasters
to deputy ministers of education. The ESD project is designed to change the attitudes of participants from victimization to empowerment and proactive problem solving. The ESD curriculum focuses on developing sustainable solutions to such human security challenges as hunger, poverty, water pollution and personal safety. Women and youth have come to play a prominent role in ESD. Education for Sustainable Development is part of the Technology of Peace (TOP) network, which includes the Institute of World Affairs as a program partner.

The next phase of the ESD program in Kenya will consist of a series of programs over a three-month period, starting in February 2017, designed to provide education, training and networking opportunities for young social entrepreneurs from 5 different regions of Kenya. This will be done through ESD centers in schools and via the TOP network.

Part of the Technology of Peace network.