Founded in 1924, in Geneva, Switzerland, “to advance scholarship and international understanding,” the Washington, D.C.-based Institute of World Affairs (IWA) has been a leading voice in international relations research, instruction and applied programming for more than 90 years. In 2016, RESOLVE and IWA formed a strategic partnership to bolster impact on international conflict resolution and peacebuilding projects and leverage IWA’s research and policy capacity.

For close to four decades, RESOLVE has been a leader in the effective use of collaboration and consensus building in public decision-making on natural resource, public health and sustainability issues.

RESOLVE serves as the secretariat for IWA projects.

IWA@RESOLVE offers training and education programs throughout the world that are designed to increase the capacity of individuals and institutions to deal with social conflict in a constructive manner, produces groundbreaking research, and supports policy development on international issues.

Hrach Gregorian, Director of IWA@RESOLVE and a RESOLVE strategic partner sees the partnership this way: “It’s an opportunity to build on the policy and conflict resolution history of IWA, with the addition of RESOLVE’s history of success at policy mediation and innovation in the field of conflict resolution.”

Stephen D’Esposito, President of RESOLVE sees the partnership “as extending our reach into international affairs and strengthening our ability to serve as a third party in situations of conflict on a global basis.

Together we have a greater ability to:

  • Offer workshops and seminars that concentrate on negotiation and related skills development and on the development of civic and economic infrastructures essential to peace and stability.
  • Help organizations and communities to assess, design, and implement sustainable systems for conflict management and peacebuilding.
  • Tap an extensive network of subject matter experts who provide direct consulting services to various clients.

IWA will continue to provide services and programs to US and international NGOs and civil society organizations, governments and intergovernmental organizations, academic and research institutions.